Friday, April 28, 2006

The Good Old Times

Otherwise entitled :
Getting My Own Back!

I also remember a certain blond vicar's daughter having a favourite best dress. I think it was a white or cream background with flowers in various shades of green. One day, I arrived to play with my bestest friend to be told she was upstairs. I went upstairs and couldn't find her, but became increasingly aware of sniffing in the bathroom. I think it took a little persuasion before she allowed me to join her and oh, what a state.

Not just her, the dress... Ruth had decided to play with her mum's make-up whilst wearing the dress and somehow managed to miss her mouth with the lipstick. By about a foot. It was bright. Pink I think. She had tried everything she could think of, bless her, even resorting to giving it a good scrubbing with a nail brush and soap. Guess what? It didn't work and I can remember thinking at the time that things were not looking good. Luckily for Ruth, she had her sensible, reasonable, loving parents and not mine (not that they were that bad, bit strict and old fashioned perhaps...).

Oh, Sunday School. Ruth took the lead in the Sunday School production one year. Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. I can't shout, I was Pharoah, but that was because I couldn't sing! I vaguely remember another time being one of the Three Kings. Ruth was Mary that year.

I don't intend this post to besmirch a really dear friend. I have such wonderful memories of our childhood together and what I wonder is, will my children have amazing times to remember like we do? I restrict television as much as a sane person can, I encourage them outside at the meerest hint of no pouring rain, we do not possess computer games or playstations, but we have plenty of books, bikes, wellies and bugs in the garden. They even have a few friends!

My hope is that whilst times have changed and moved on, I am at least trying to give my children the opportunity to be creative because, in essence, that's all we were. I loved it!

PS Ruth, I still love you dearly, please laugh too!


Ruth said...

Don't worry - I'm laughing. I remember the dress incident well! However, I must dispute the three king story . I have photographic evidence to prove that whilst you donned a rather grand, shiny, navy cloak as Wise Man Frankincense, I donned a brown and orange swirly curtain as wise man Gold.

Mind you I was Mary one year - perhaps you were a Wise man again then....?

I remember the dens in the back garden - they were great weren't they! What fertile imaginations we had!


Louise said...

A photograph? Oh, that is worrying. Maybe I got to be Joseph to your Mary... We were short of boys, I seem to remember!
I have a photo of you and the nextdoor neighbours dalmation, Tara. You look a little nervous...

Ruth said...

I remember Tara - not the photo though....! And the girl who lived there - keen on ballet.

Of course, I remember the next scene in the "bedroom lamp going bang" episode (do you...?) Mummy Flower popped a concerned head round the door to ask "what's going on Lou" and you replied "oh nothing mum. It's just that Ruth was laughing a lot and she dribbled.... on the lamp.........causing it to slightly explode". I didn't deny this, so she went on her merry way thinking, I should imagine, when is that girl moving to Shropshire....???!

And Flo-Pow? Well that came to me just the other day when I was blogging. Don't you like it? I love the name "Flo" and "Pow" has someting of the superhero about it. And let's face it, you are a superhero. You've 4 children and a husband who works away. You're a superhero.

Ruth said...


Since when did I sound so cool???

Shame you can't "edit" your comments once they're posted!!

olev Rthu

Ruth said...

Oh I do make myself laugh sometimes!!

Ruth said...

I've had two glasses of wime. I'm going to stop now. 'Cos I'm just being silly!!

Ruth said...