Tuesday, April 25, 2006


On Thursday this week, my children are being turned out of school so that it can be utillised as a polling station. This in itself irratates me, do I not have enough time together with my children? Regardless, my problem is the electioneering that ensues as soon as such an event is announced.

As a teenager, I was a little rebellious and refused to vote on principle. I could not see how these people could possibly run the country, as their behaviour was no better than that of the children I'd left behind in the playground. However, I was persuaded in my early twenties that I owed it to the suffragettes, who fought for our right to vote, to use it. So, I did. I dutiflully followed my parents to the voting booth and made my mark and have done ever since.

I am getting less and less enamoured with the idea as, yet again, the antics of the campaigners for our local election has degenerated to playground abuse and I have no idea who wants to raise the issues and standards of local education, or who will champion the local recycling scheme (we need more! I want to do plastics), not to mention traffic calming schemes etc., that I may be interested in. I'm almost past caring and back to square one of letting down the suffragettes.

Come to think of it, they've all been supporting the recycling. I should just have placed my box beneath the letterbox...

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