Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ruth, you gave me this idea

Only children could come up with those amusing little mispronunciations. You know, like:-
Melicine - medicine ofcourse!
Cargoeen - little tricky, cardigan
Pentice - pencil
Bebobbies - Teletubbies. Don't ask me why, that was my eldest, Rhiannon's.
Imputor - computor
Ingusting - disgusting
Mrs Skellington - Mrs Skelton was the new Nursery student, introduced at Hallowe'en. Ooops, that'll stick...
Hairy Potter - don't think you really need a translation for that one.
Serious Black - same again!

Conall's mispronunciation of sucking, as in "Ciara's sucking her thumb again" is unprintable, but I'm sure you can imagine. Imagine me, standing in a narrow corridor, full of parents (some with young, impressionable offspring) waiting for my eldest son, Aedan, to finish Beavers. Conall decided to announce to the world that "You used to *uck my nose, Mummy, when I was a baby". The earth did not open up beneath me, but I did wish it would.

My sister won't be happy with the first three of the above, they were hers and I can't even remember her saying them! Sorry Cathy, but they were rather good.

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Ruth said...

These made me laugh! Is Cathy reading? Hi Cathy! I have SUCH FOND MEMORIES of Sunday tea: home-made bread and cheese spread, home-made cakes: shortbread, date and walnut, chocolate, mocha, victoria sponge, fruit cake. Mmmmmm. I've honestly never tasted better before or since.