Thursday, April 20, 2006

You Know When....

You know when things are getting a little too much for you when you take your contact lenses out, then try to put sunglasses on, which are sitting next to your glasses on the shelf. I have tried, several times, to get into the shower with my glasses on. I've also hunted high and low for my glasses, when already wearing them.

Actually, it started earlier this week, when I woke up convinced it was Friday already, only to realise, seconds later, it was in fact Tuesday. That was so disappointing. I'm glad to say, none of this has anything to do with overindulgence of alcohol. Merely old age, I'm afraid, with perhaps a sprinkling of sleep deprivation.

I had thought that in itself would be long gone, being as my youngest is now five and will be starting school in August. (They start a year later up here!) Oh no, it's not that simple, just because we have no babies anymore. The annoying thing about it is we have just had two weeks off school for the Easter Holidays. We didn't get any 'long lies' as such, but weren't disturbed before 7 am, which is quite a treat. The day they went back to school, Conall wanders through, "I've had a nightmare..." Mine was just starting. The next day, somebody else went to the toilet (which I am grateful for!) at 5.30 am, very noisily. Just a shade early. We're also on the flight path of the Grey Lag geese. They leave at around 5.15 am, so they have disturbed me the last two days.

However, it is Friday tomorrow. You know when it's been a long week and you have a wine rack full of Kumala Pinotage/Shiraz? I won't have on Saturday!


Ruth said...

Until recently I thought that a kipper was a breed of fish! What can I put that down to...?!

Louise said...

Fish was correct. Just what's been done to it! Feeling a bit kippered myself... Don't ask!