Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Note to Self

The freezer is a dangerous place. It hides things and disguises them.

The other day I took a container out of the freezer, "Ooo", I thought, "I fancy a bit of Apple Crumble, that's quick and easy for pudding after a Sunday Roast." As it happened, it didn't defrost in time, so I decided to be creative with the contents of my cupboard and make crumble when it was defrosted.

Well, the next day I forgot. After dinner I found the container again and thought "Crumble! Oh well, tomorrow will do."

I did actually remember! I made crumble topping, fetched a dish and got the container out of the fridge. On removing the lid, I thought "Oh. It's not stewed apple. What is it?". I decided it was unrecognisable and resigned it to the bin. It may actually have been homemade chicken stock, there seemed to be traces of pepper at the bottom.

Note to self?


Ruth said...

This made me laugh almost as much as navy ink (oooh, you're going to kill me....!!!) And yep. I know exactly what you mean. you cook the stuff, cool it, remember to return to it before it goes off to bag it, seal it and freeze it. And if only you could go that extra mile and label it, you might actually be able to use it again without having to play "guess the contents". So it's a bag of frozen brown mush ... is it caserole, stewed apple, stock, soup, curry, gravy...

Louise said...

You're sooo right!