Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm a good girl I am

I just faced one of my pet hates. Telephone calls. I really, really hate making certain types of telephone calls, like ringing the bank or a mail order company, you know the sort of thing. I hate it. I come out in a cold sweat. My mouth stops working and I talk jibberish, (what's new there then?) so I'm quite chuffed with myself.

It was a certain high street retail company that had charged me for something I had never received. Now, it's out of stock. Pants. At least I made the call.

Yes, I jogged, yes I enjoyed (!!??) it and yes, I shall go again.

I'm quite impressed actually. I'm not the slightest bit sore. Must be fitter than I thought!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations X 2!

I can't blog. My blogger isn't working. I might have to start a new blog. I'll let you know if I do!

Love from Ruth xx

Louise said...

Bit of a nuisance for you. Terribly quiet without you!


Ruth said...

Ha - I've just managed a post. A daft one, I'll grant you, but a post by anyone's reckoning. So, it must be my laptop that's even more down the pan than I thought it was. I'm on the upstairs computer at the moment.

Louise said...

Good to have you back. Ruth is a far prettier name than Anonymous!