Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nothing much

As I was in the bathroom this morning, I was listening to Sarah Kennedy on Radio Two. "The Sky at Night is the longest running programme to still have it's original presenter, Sir Patrick Moore." Go Patrick!

A little later, I was vegetating in front of GMTV whilst eating my breakfast. I find thinking and concentrating at this time of day too hard. Some chap, (a complete madman in my book) was filming himself skydiving when it all went horribly wrong. We watched as the ground spun towards us at break neck speed, then the screen went blank as he hit the deck. Could be messy. His friend, who was also videoing whilst skydiving, lands safely and runs towards his friend, who has landed in six foot of brambles.

"Mate, speak to me. Are you ok?"


Talk about a silly question with a totally deadpan reply, this had me rolling around with tears streaming down my face.

(He escaped with a punctured lung and a smashed ankle.)

Nothing much has happened round here today.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the same clip but on the BBC. Had't appreciated the funny side of it till I read your blog!!