Monday, February 19, 2007

I've been getting messages

Not in my dreams or anything like that.

BT kindly sent me some fridge magnets, quite a while ago now. They were just a collection of random words in a sheet that could be taken apart and therefore sentences made.

Whilst our eldest daughter is restrained and reserved like her father, her saving grace is obviously her sense of humour. It's like mine.

"To mum love you from the family and socks the cat"

We don't have a cat...

"Out with 2 friends and chatting to home using a mobile"


"1 cup of tea in the bath with Angus Robertson MP"

This one I think was the most disturbing, AR is our local MP, he visited the school a while ago and signed autographs (I should imagine he spoke to the children and answered questions too...) and it was this autograph that had been tagged onto the end of 'the message'. Disturbing because? He doesn't even preach the right politics let alone frequent my bath.

(Tea? More likely a glass of perfectly chilled Chardonnay!)


Could someone please post a comment, (anonymously will do, but not you Ruth, that won't help...!) and tell me why so many 'strangers' are interested in this post? It's about sentences made up out of random words. Random, get it? I'm just curious.


Ruth said...

Cat or no cat, Socks is an excellent name, don't you think!

Louise said...

There are definite signs of an imagination. Warped perhaps, but imagination nevertheless.