Thursday, August 03, 2006

A fly in the ointment

I am still happy to be carless. I don't mind walking, the nearest town with a Tesco is three miles away and they do, so I only have to walk in for the little bits I forget. That's ok. We can cycle to the dentist on the newly built cycle path. That's ok too.

But then, I walked into the hairdressers today. I had been looking forward to it, it's been a nice day today, not too hot, not too sunny and dry, so a nice day.

I set off and was breathing in the fresh air, listening to the bird song, feeling the breeze on my face, avoiding mad cyclists, minding my own business. A small, highly polished, bright red car came hurtling towards me, at least three youths inside, one hanging his head out of the rear window, rubbing his hair in the wind. I remember thinking, "Idiot, so dangerous.", (one of my pet hates, I wouldn't even let the children hang their fingers out of the window).

Suddenly, the front passenger threw something at me. It hit me in the ribs. Hard. I was winded and stunned, shocked. Then I started to cry, but I kept walking. I was so upset. What if I'd had one of the children walking with me and it had it them? What if I'd been a pregnant woman? Or an old woman? So then I was angry. And wet, it had been a half-full bottle of water he'd thrown. I continued on my way without even stopping.

David wants me to call the police. I feel a fool for complaining when I wasn't hurt (badly) and I have nothing to show for it, but what if they do it to someone else and it's more serious?

It's made me scared too. I had to walk through the town, it was early evening and there were youths around. I felt threatened. How dare someone make me feel like this? I feel I have victim somehow displayed on me and it makes me a target.

But I am still going to walk.


Ruth said...

Immediate reaction: b****y a***holes, how DARE they! I think you should phone the police, or pop round to see them at the desk (I find I get a better reception when I do that and they can see me face-to-face). That way, they may be on the look-out for repaeats of this behaviour (if they are any better than our lot round here).

I have a huge problem with young louts driving dangerously around here. A huge problem. I see it as my job to drive at 30mph (not 31, not 32, not 33) in 30 mh zones when they are behind me, chomping at the bit to get on ahead.

I say it again: "a***holes".

Louise said...

David is very keen for me to report it, as was my hairdresser and his wife. I think I should too, but feel such a fool.

Still not a happy bunny today.

Anne said...

I'm with Ruth (actually the language that popped into my head was worse...) - do report it - you're not a fool - it hurt - and as you say it could easily have been someone a lot more vulnerable. There may not be much they can do about your incident, but if you add to a general picture it will help to make a difference.

And what rotten timing for you too :-(