Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last week

Conall said to me, "Mum, when I go to school next week, will my clothes still fit me when I come home?"...


Ruth said...

Awww This had me giggling. I do love 'the things they say'. Is he enjoying school?

I hope he hadn't outgrown his clothes by the time he came home - I mean these growth spurts do get a bit expensive, don't they!!!

Louise said...

Yes, I think he is enjoying school, although it can be a little difficult to tell with Conall. He's soooo laid back, things don't get him 'up na down', he just takes everything in his stride, he's a happy chappy!

You know, clothes weren't something I thought about when we planned four children. The first time we had to buy four pairs of Clarkes in a oner, I realised my lack of forward thinking. Thank goodness we weren't at Startright! (Startrite?)