Friday, August 25, 2006


Maybe things are getting to me just a little more than I thought.

This morning, Conall didn't have to be at school first thing, so I thought, as a one off, the older ones could take themselves to school, (there were six altogether, I'd 'borrowed' three extra today. Don't ask.) it is only quarter of a mile to walk and no main roads, so off they went.

I thought I'd make a cup of tea, boiled the kettle, poured it into my pretty bone china mug, (has to be bone china, doesn't it?) then decided to do one or two chores while it brewed.

Off I toddled, hung out washing, put another load in, then decided to clean the downstairs toilet and the bathroom. Did the loo and on the way upstairs, realised how grubby the wall was looking, so, as I had a cloth in hand, gave the wall a bit of a rub. Got upstairs, cleaned the bathroom, put away the equipment away and suddenly realised my tea had been brewing all the while. Oh my, this is going to be stewed, me thinks.

Trotts downstairs and goes to remove the tea bag, only to discover I had nicely warmed my mug, no tea bag was within.

So, I started again.


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Ruth said...

A well needed laugh. You are totally lovely!