Monday, August 21, 2006

Tomorrow's the day

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya', tomorrow..."

What's so special about tomorrow? Well, up here in Scotland, THE SCHOOLS GO BACK TOMORROW and I am soooooo excited. Yes, me, not the children, me!

My youngest, Conall, starts P1 tomorrow and I'm not even going to bother taking a hanky, I am not of the soggy hanky brigade. The thought that it is my eldest's last year at Primary School, now that's a little more worrying. That means I'm getting old! I know what will happen, once one makes the leap across the great divide to secondary school, locally The Academy, they'll all be there in a great rush. Then what will I do with myself?!

David has 'a plan'. He thinks I'm going back to work. I probably should, financially, it would bse the wisest move, but I can't get my mind round working for the sake of money, I want to be here for them and I want to find that elusive career, the fulfilling one, the meaningful one, the one I can't wait to get out of bed for in the morning. No, that was a step too far, wasn't it?

My 'plan' is to study. I'll keep you posted, when I make the final decision.

Posted! Sorry, 'scuse the pun!

Ooo, and I'll post a couple of piccies of the little treasures in uniform. Cute!


Ruth said...

I'm loking forward to all of this: the piccies, the update on 'the plan'. What do you intened to study?

I have a question; what are we too old for?

Excuse me, you've inspired me and I'm going to post that question on my blog now!!

Ruth said...

Excuse the typos- it's my laptop and I have to ram on the keys to get them to work.

Anne said...

Bizarrely, I'm not in the least sad that Adam is starting school, but I'm really really going to miss the nursery assistant - she is wonderful - still, give me another year, then I'll be dropping Ruth off with her :-)

And as for can't wait to get out of bed - I do love my job, but no, nothing is better than my bed first thing in the morning...