Friday, August 18, 2006

Spot of nostalgia here

Ok, question for you. Whatever happened to all those fabulous epics we watched as children during the school holidays? You know the ones I mean, Belle and Sabastian, White Horses, Heidi, Robinson Crusoe and the spanish one, you know the one, a bit of swashbuckling went on, ooo, I know, The Flashing Blade!

I loved them, they were so wonderful, even though I must have been aware of the trashy, cheap production and dubbing even then, ('cos that's what I remember most!) they signalled the holidays.

These days, it's just endless repeats of what is on anyway, hence, our television is never tuned in to their programs, it's always my rubbish instead! Homes Under The Hammer, Bargain Hunt and the like.

See, I still like my trash!

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