Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A moment of relaxation

Actually, it was Ruth, again, who put this thought into my head. Classical music, orchestral or choral. I just needed a dose after having read Ruth's recent posts on her trips to the Proms with her sister, lucky things!

After having had a classical upbringing, learning clarinet for years and playing in various orchestras, singing in the odd choir, I tried to escape the fascination and listened mainly to BBC Radio 2 for years. Occasionally, I feed my urge and listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons or Orff's Carmina Burana and I've a broad sprinkling of Mozart too, 'cos I used to play a bit of that and loved it. Sunday mornings are usually the time and the place, my kitchen. Please don't bother to try a conversation, I'm miles away and if you distract me, I'll shout!

Tonight, I have decided to put BBC Four on while I blog and it's beautiful. Shostakovich Symphony No7 (Leningrad) - 2nd movement. Lovely.

Anyway, time for my hot milk, a bowl of cereal, (I've treated myself to a new one and I want to try it in peace!) and a spot of violence. James Nesbit, BBC One. These celtic accents just melt me!


Ruth said...

'Hope you enjoyed your violence!
I've foudn your peosm again, byt the way. I have to access them via this blog.

Mmmmyes. Classical music. I'd forgotten how much it can lift your emotions. I came out of Mozart on a total high the other evening - strange seeing as it was his Requiem!!

I vow to find more time to listen to it - an not just to the bits I already know and love. I want to broaden my range.

Louise said...

Didn't get to see my violence, (the bit I saw was a little too much anyway) because my mother rang and as soon as I put the phone down, David rang! He's in Cosford for three weeks on a course. Hummph.

Yes, classical. I'm scared of getting old and stuffy by listening to it. I still love dancing round the kitchen to a modern beat and I don't want to turn into a fuddy duddy yet. My sister only listens to Classic FM. Sorry Cathy!

Glad you found your way back to the poems, I was a little lost without my auduience!


Louise said...

Audience. Helps if you proof read before you click...

Ruth said...

Talking about proof-reading, well done for making out my comment about finding your poems again!!!!!!

Louise said...

You'll find you have a new skill at deciphering when Michael starts writing stories at school. I can't get to grips with this learning phonic spelling. Get them back to desks in rows, lists of spellings to learn, timestables parrot fashion and crack that whip!