Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My boy!

Isn't he smart? Aren't they all smart?

I can hear 'ooo's and 'ahhh's all around the country as we blog. They get their good looks from me! And their brains...

I knew I wouldn't cry, but I was hacked off with all the other selfish, ignorant parents that insist on standing on top of their children in their lines. If everyone stood right back, like I always have done, we could all see our little ones disappear into the great wide world of school!


Anne said...

Ahhhhhh indeed - even Awwwwwww!! They are gorgeous - each and every one of them - and Conal looks so sweet.

And you're FRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (Well, until picking up time anyway!)

Ruth said...

You're right - it's all 'ooo's and 'ahhh's at this end!

I hope they've all enjoyed their first day back

Ruth said...

Changing the subject slightly, I haven't been able to get your poems up for several days lately. Are they still there?