Thursday, August 17, 2006

You have a lot to answer for, Ruth!

It's all your fault!

While telling you what my (obviously slightly unusual) children enjoy eating, I told you about and emailed you the recipe for my chicken nuggets. It reminded me how yum they are.

So, we had to have them for dinner.


Now, that's okay, because they are an occasional treat and we haven't had them since New Year, so I can live with that.

But me and deep frying just don't get on. It spits at me. I get burnt. In fact, lots of tiny burns all over my hands and the odd one on my right fore arm. Don't ask how I got one on my foot! To make things more interesting, there's always one I didn't know about. Until I put my rubber gloved hands into hot washing up water. Ow.

Sympathy please!

Definitely not one to do with children in the kitchen.


Anne said...

Oooh, ooh, ooh - can I give myself burns as well? Pretty please can I have the recipe?

Loads of sympathy - burns and hot washing up water - not a good combination.

Btw I totally get you with not wanting children in the kitchen - I want to want to have children in the kitchen (IYSWIM) but the practicalities just don't work. Particularly not when I'm grumpy (happens a lot) and just want to be left to get on with it and not have to respond to "Mummy, can I tell you something?" every 2 min.

Ruth said...

Oh shit. I'm really sorry about that!