Saturday, August 12, 2006

Meander through my mind

I haven't got a point to make, or a rant to have, so I thought we could meander through my mind together, at a gentle pace.

It's the end of the week, time to dance like a gay spiderman! As anyone who I've sent that email to will understand, it does make me smile.

I suddenly realised on Thursday I hadn't been further from the house than next door, to water the hanging baskets, since my unfortunate walk into town last week. So, I made a real effort and popped round the corner to visit a friend. Turns out, she's a less happy bunny even than me at the moment, but I couldn't get to the root of it because we kept being interrupted by various children and a husband, so I had to leave her again, having achieved nothing.

Was still only a hundred yards from my house, so yesterday, when Aedan rang to say could he stay another night at his friend's house, I opted to take the quarter of a mile stroll to his mum's pizza shop to deliver clean pants. I hoped she would be there, it might seem a bit odd to a stranger if I appeared in the shop and handed over "A clean pair of pants for Aedan..."! Still, it was nice to have left my comfort zone and maybe I'll venture further next week.

Ten days and the children go back to school. Well, I say back, technically only three are going back. One of them is starting and I can't wait!

No, there will be no tear stained hankies at the school gate for me. I shall be grinning broadly and waving wildly, then trotting off in the opposite direction for a brief moment of freedom, before I have to trudge back to collect him at lunchtime. They break them in gently these days, none of the 8.45am 'til 3.30pm we did in our day. What a pain! A week of alternate mornings and afternoons, followed by a week of mornings, followed by the real thing. It will seem like an eternity, but then, I'LL BE FREE!

You think I'm awful for not sniffling at the school gate? Sorry, I didn't for any of the others either. I know this time will be a little different, my last little one, but it's the next step, it's an achievement that I've got him this far and it needs somebody else to take him further. I'm not losing him, he's going to grow so much more without me around and apply all the little bits I've taught him so far. Like impeccable manners, (I must have got it right this time, I've had enough practice!) tremendous listening skills, imaginative, creative, compassionate and caring, fun. Oh, much fun.

Don't get me wrong, I am an emotional little being. I still cry at ' National Velvet', even though I've seen it dozens of times and I know it's really quite naff. I still get goosepimples when HP comes over the hill on his broomstick to collect his golden egg from the dragon's pit. I've seen that many times too! I obviously just go squishy over all the wrong things! But, heartless I am not.

Then, I could also tell you about my dream, now, that was an odd one. I've had several this week, to be honest, but the others are all so messed up and unclear, I can't really recall them. Last night's was strange. Mum was the president elect for her local Am Dram group and she'd asked me to prepare a play, as a director, for her. I was convinced I only had until the 9th (of September) to do it, which was too soon and I was panicking. Then, I realised, she would be president next year, I had a whole year to write the play and find actors, build a stage and all that (like, I've done it before...not!), but she told me she'd picked a play for me to do already. When she showed it to me, I'd never heard of it! Thankfully, I woke up. Quite bizarre! I shall be speaking to mum shortly, I imagine she'll be surprised to have featured in one of my epic dreams.

I did tell you it was a pointless meander today. Or did I leave out that crucial bit of information? Ah well. Congratulations for arriving at the end.



Ruth said...

That's not a pointless meander. I like that!

What do you plan to do with your time when theya re all at school?

And how do you teach impeccable manners? Table manners are proving to be a problem for me (or, should I say, for my children). A real problem.

Louise said...

With fear of sounding like a doubtful magician, not a lot! Or, as little as possible. A lot of walking was my plan, which is now going to have to be more localised as I don't have the transport readily available...

Manners? Ah, well, the only thing I have always done without exception, is that they have all always sat at the table at meal times, even when they were in a high chair I'd sit at the table with them and feed them. Meals have never been 'playtime', I don't believe in making funny faces out of mashed potato, carrots and peas. I've always made their food, (apart from the occasional conveniant jar...) and I've never done anything especially for them, it was what we would eat, but no salt.

So, they are used to sitting at the table, they do not play, they do not leave the table until they have finished, they eat what they are given or go hungry, (six different meals? I think not.) they sit together even if it's not adult mealtime (sometimes David's shift means we eat seperately. Sometimes I just want to eat in peace!) and they don't BREATH unless I say they can.

Archaic perhaps, but my children are not only complimented on their behaviour when we eat out, but also that they will try different things and eat everything.

Proud? Just a tad!

Ruth said...

And so you should be proud.

I'm wondering if I've gone wrong here. You see I decided to tackle table manners when michael was older (about now really - 4 and a half) and could understand. Till now he has been able to get up and leave the table when he's finished, despite the fact that we're still eating. And now it's hard to change that. I've done nothing about the fact that he eats noisly, smacking his lips etc.. Anyhow, I must say that he is a joy in restaurants, where he will rise to the occasion beautifully. It's just at home that it's difficult. I need to sort that now.

More importantly, I'm desperate for meal ideas that children will eat... see my blog if you like (I plan to do a post on it, don't know if I'll have time now....)

Lots of love


Louise said...

Yeah, actually, they are much better in public than at home, but then, wouldn't you rather? There are times I could cheerfully strangle them, but then they'll go for a sleepover with a friend (I haven't seen Aedan since Wednesday, Christine has asked for his birth certificate...) and the mother raves about how good they are and how they teach their children good manners and to eat different things!

I do think I've brought them up almost as strictly as I was and hated, but I'm far more encouraging than my parents ever were and my children feel loved, I've asked!

I don't think there's a right or wrong way, it's just what makes you all happy.

Unfortunately for my lot, I tend to be VERY regimental. I like order. Chaos is not good for me.

That only applies to the children. The house is chaos!


Ruth said...

I must say, I feel more like a sergent major than a mother on many days! but I do give lot of cuddles too. I'm certainly not afraid to tell them how much I love them

I like your advice