Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Could get used to this

These days are trundling by in a very easy fashion. No stress, no pressure, just have to remember to be in for the little-man-in-the-van, which is terribly easy. A great reminder is making a lovely, hot cup of tea, (with a tea bag, see a previous post!), getting the milk out of the fridge to discover there is none, "Oh yes, I need to be in for the little-man-in-the-van!" I think to myself! Not hard.

Worst thing that has happened to me today? Discovering the new cereal I wanted to try makes my mouth sore when I eat it because of the nobbly corners. Hmmph. Still, I can think of much worse.

The children have only been back at school a week and I've already had to cough up for two school trips for Rhiannon, neither of which I can accompany because David is away (again, but atleast nowhere dangerous, unless Cosford has changed much lately...) and for all to attend a theatre production at school of Charlotte's Web. One arm and half a leg later, atleast the swimming for Aedan and Ciara is free this term because it's at the local council pool for a change.

Don't I live an exciting life? In the meantime, I'm walking, planning a few bike rides, (once Conall is full-time next week) and thinking of our future. We will move from here eventually, but we will stay in Scotland. I'm looking into running a B & B on the West Coast, we love it so over there. It would give me the opportunity to bake to my little hearts content and once I've completed my studies, I should be able to offer guided wildlife walks of somekind. That's the vague plan.

That is not the most thrilling post ever, but it's just to prove I haven't dropped off the planet. I need some inspiration for the poetry though, things are very quiet on that front.

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Ruth said...


Your life sounds like sheer and total and utter bliss.

And I love your plans.