Monday, January 01, 2007


Just couldn't resist my first post just after the bells, listening to a wonderful pipe and drums band on the telly, very scottish. Lots of fireworks too, just as the children go to bed, (yes, they made it!) deep joy.

All the best, one and all!



Just noticed my deliberate (!!) mistake. I drafted the previous post on Saturday. Then published it on Sunday.

My nickname is Donkey...


Ruth said...

Your first post of 'two double oh seven', hey!

Louise said...

Oh, so clever. Didn't spot that one!


Ruth said...

I know. Mum used it on me and I was very impressed.

Louise said...

Tee hee! Like it.

Just think, twelve months time and we'll be thining, "Oh, five months till I'm 40...)

I'm fine about it. Honest.

Not bothered. No, not at all.


No way.

Louise said...

Thining is probably appropriate for me. I meant 'thinking'. Honest.

I did.

You watching it then, Toad?

Ruth said...

.... that'll be five months for you, and seven months for me. I mean, not wanting to rub it in or anything!!!

I'm fine about it too. Age seems to bring a general sense of contentment with being who I am, rather than who I think I should be.

No. Not watching it. Bath and bedtime for children (except Isabel's having none of it - we think she's going down with something, and we have to wait another 44 minutes before we can re-dose with calpol!!

Louise said...

Hmm, think Aedan might be too, he's looked rotten since he came home from Robert's last night and has been strangely quiet.

Yes. Bad timing for alot of good things when they're that age. It's good though!

Exactly what I think. The older I get, the more comfortable I am in my own skin. I know what that means now. And I am.

Anne said...

Look here Infants - some people are thinking (or thingking as I personally prefer ;-) ) "five months to go" RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Louise said...

Don't worry, be happy!

David says he didn't notice any difference four (nearly five) years ago.

Nor did my sister.

Let me know if they lied...

Ruth said...

.... and I can expect absolutely no sympathy from Mario, who turn FIFty last year! (And the old b****r's got fewer wrinkles than I have - not fair!!!)

Louise said...

Ooo, he's the same age as my brother-in-law, Ian, Cathy's hubby. Now there's a coincidence!

I have to keep reminding David that he shouldn't have a go at me, because when I turn forty, he'll be the wrong side of forty-five and therfore nearly fifty...

He certainly does not have fewer wrinkles than me, but it's hard to tell how much more grey he is. He doesn't have a lot of hair.

Apparently, that's my fault?!?