Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Birds

Well actually, the complete opposite. Yet again, come RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, the birds are conspiring against me and my garden is devoid of birds. Not a single sparrow. My birdfeeders are full, there are apple cores on the bird table, there is water in the bird bath, but there are no birds in my garden. Usually I see them in the dull light just after dawn as I come down to make breakfast, just after seven. Not a dicky.

They are playing with me.

I'll be back. (Oh no, that's the wrong film...)

Ok, so now I have a few very aggressive birds in the garden, including a dunnock with serious attitude! But I've just realised, I can't do it now. Not only is my mother going to ring, as usual, around five minutes past nine, but my two youngest have been invited out for the day and are going to be picked up some time after ten, so I need to organise their breakfast and getting dressed. Where is hubby, you might be asking, can't he do that so I can concentrate?

Well, he can, but he might find it a little hard from his bed.


It's getting a bit dark now. I haven't done my count. My family are now conspiring against me! My mother rang just after nine to say she won't speak to me today, she'll call tomorrow. Then there's the rest of the family. Or perhaps it's my own weak willpower.

You see, (beware, pathetic excuse coming) around twelve, Aedan's friend phoned to ask if he'd like to go for a sleepover, so I quickly had to get him lunch and supervise his bag packing* and at the time I was half way through a bread dough for pizza. After Aedan left, I realised it was an ideal opportunity for David and I to take our eldest daughter out for lunch. So, we donned our walking boots and jackets and off we went to Findhorn. Again. There's a nice pub there, good food, real ale, yum.

I was persuaded we should catch the bus home, (shame on hubby) but then friends stopped in their car and asked if we'd like a lift. Did we need to be asked twice?

No. So, now it's too dark and I've still got a bread dough to convert into pizza.

I'll do it tomorrow. I will! You'll see.

* I recently discovered that Aedan can take things a little literally. I told him to 'get his bag ready' to go for a sleepover at Robert's. A few minutes later, I asked if he'd got clean pyjamas and underwear. Aedan's reply?:
"Oh, you meant pack it. I thought you meant find it."

One empty bag sitting at the bottom of the stairs...

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Ruth said...

Mum did this last year. Not this year though. She's with us, so it'd be one crow, a pigeon and a magpie (always only the one, darn it all)!

Lovely thing to do.