Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Plans to be made

I've been hoping to complete the Eastern Cairngorm Challenge, if there is one this year. It's around 14 miles long over slightly hilly (!!?) terrain, it starts just north of Dundee and goes North West to Braemar and I'd really like to do it. I had thought it wasn't going to happen, because I had no idea what I was going to do with the children. The logistics of not having a car was proving to be a problem, however, one of my good friends has come to the rescue. In return for having her boys for a sleepover one night in February, she will come and stay here with my children for a weekend. Sorted!

Now I can get really excited.

And look at maps.

And decide whether to camp after the walk, (there is a ceilidh, I will attend. I may not ceilidh...) or treat ourselves to a night in an (albeit cheap) hotel, so I can have a long, hot bath.

Decisions, decisions.

If there is no challenge this year, (last year was an inaugural event for the opening of the 'new' path, Jock's Road) I may still persuade Jo to look after the children, so David and I can catch a train to Aviemore, camp, walk to Grantown-on-Spey along the Speyside way, camp, walk along the Grantown to Forres disused railway, which sounds dull, but has been made into a beautiful walk, the Dava Way, through woods and over moorland with fab views and wildlife. Still not quite camping wild, but practicing till I'm really ready for it.

I'll keep my eyes peeled on the website for the dates.


Ruth said...

I'm excited for you!

Out of interest, regarding your paragraph: 'and look at maps'. Do you like maps? I love them. Do you like OLD maps? I double love them. Now then. Near here (hmmm - well, St James Park, central London), is the National Map Centre, and there you can buy copies of old maps of where you live. So I can see that our house lies in the middle of what was a field until the 1930s when it was built. I LOVE LOVE LOVE old maps.

Louise said...

Oh, so do I. I love all maps. Do you ever watch Map Man? It's pure joy to me, as Nicholas Crane tries to interpret old maps from all over the British Isles and follow trails. Wonderful! Seventh heaven.