Monday, January 08, 2007


Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
(Accompanied by funny little tribal dance, with hands, arms, legs and everything.)

Just incase you were wondering, the children went back to school today with no stress/fighting/lateness/forgotten items.



Ruth said...

Careful with that tribal dance - you might do yourself a mischief (we are, after all, getting old now!!)

Your post made me laugh. (How come 'no stress'? I can't get ONE to school without major stress???

Louise said...

Remember that bit in The Sound of Music, when the Captain blows his whistle (he's piping, actually, if you want to be correct) and the children all come running and line up?

Well, David reckons I need one, although, I shout, "Shoes and coats!" and after a short flurry of activity, there are four children, lined up in the hallway against the wall*, (because then they are safely out of the way, not infront of any doors or in the middle of a corridor) and I can rush around like a mad thing, having a QP and picking up last minute forgotten things, (purse, keys, gloves) before leaving in an orderly fashion.

Sadly, even the children that now regularly 'call' for us, (they are dropped off...) have joined in with the routine.

*The children chose the safe place themselves, they were not directed to it by me...

Ok, just call me Captain Von Trapp.

Ruth said...

It's snowing with you. Someone from Kinloss sent a photo of their snowman to News 24.

I remember a snowman you once made - he was sitting on your garden wall. Very sophisicated for a 9 year old!

Louise said...

That's odd. Hasn't been snowing. Not since last year. Someone up here has a sense of humour! The news people obviously didn't check with the weather station we've got here.

At this moment in time, it is hurling rain quite hard at the window in the gales.

I'm not going outside today, David can go to Tesco!

Louise said...

I'd forgotten about that snowman, it was good wasn't it? Maybe I'll get the chance to make another one for the children. Not with their help, on my own. Touch my snowman, feel my snowball!