Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Birds (cont.)

It's so dark this morning, I can't see outside yet. This doesn't bode well as, if it is a dark, miserable day, the birds may well decide to stay away. In their droves. Should have done this yesterday.

As soon as it starts to get a bit lighter, I think I shall have to nip out and fill the feeder, I think it's been so blown about in the night that it has emptied it's contents on the floor. Only problem with that is, it's throwing it down out there, blowing a gale and I'm still in my pjs. Not to mention the rest of the household are still in bed, so I'm trying to be quiet. Ish.

So, I did quite a good count this morning, but I knew a few of my regulars were missing, so I decided to do another one now, and send in the results of the count most representative of the birds I regularly get in my garden.

I decided that last count had more of my regulars, so that is the one I submitted. Feel much better about it this year, a robin and two blackbirds has been a previous best and that just wasn't good enough.

Anyway, I have time for one more post on an entirely different subject before I get the ironing done and make a lovely Roast Pork dinner. Haven't had one of those in a while.

I wonder if I can squeeze in a snooze? (It's my age you know, I just can't help nodding off in the afternoon.)

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