Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So that's Christmas 2007 sorted

No, I haven't hit the sales and bought cards, wrapping paper and gifts well in advance, (not even I am that organised!) but I have decided what gifts I will buy for friends and family this Christmas.


Yep, you read that right. Trees.

I was inspired by one of my sil's Christmas gift last year, (last year already?) of buying a breeze block for each family member to build a school in an African country, organised by her local Catholic church.

Now, that was a lovely idea, but you know me, all things environment are my thing. So, this year, I will be buying trees for my family and friends. Probably not tagged or with a plaque, because then I can buy more!

Might even get one for David.

And me!



Ruth said...

That's a fantastic idea.

Lots of family friends bought trees in memory of my dad when he died. It's a great thing.

Louise said...

Yes, I'm pretty chuffed with the idea, I have to say.

I'd like to buy broadleaf trees I think, oak perhaps. Something longliving (hopefully) and native. I'm really looking forward to it now!

Best stop that before I wish this year away, that would be silly. Especially as last year went so quickly.

Ruth said...

Nothing to do with trees - back to the Yorkies - EIGHT eggs? (I've been meaning to follow that comment up but can not comment on blogs unless I sign in through some laborious process which I don't often have time to do...)

8 eggs it is then. If James says 8 eggs, then 8 eggs it is. I'm looking forard to this!

Louise said...


Eight eggs
Eight ounces flour
Eight fluid ounces milk
Pinch salt

Is that what I put before?

I'll be back.

Louise said...

Yes, that's right, but I do only make half the amount and still get more than a dozen enourmouse yorkies.

(Confession. When you mentioned Yorkies, I was away with a chocolate bar and totally confused. The name James was no help at this point, but then puddings came into my head and it all made sense. I am a bear of little brain and a lousy memory!)

Ruth said...

James - yummy!

Louise said...

(Visions of James and an enormous Yorkshire Pudding just made go hot all over, I need a lie down...)