Sunday, January 07, 2007

And another

We went for a stroll today, two and a half miles to Findhorn, a walk along the beach and then home again, so around six miles I suppose, but all on the flat, so nice and easy. Didn't take too long either, just over two hours, including a hula hoop stop on the beach.

On the way back, a little voice piped up:
"My feet are as hot as an elephant..."



Ruth said...

... and Conall has the perfect face for those sort of comments too, if you know what I mean - he looks really cute!

I read this last night but hadn't logged in so as I could comment - so instead I googled Findhorn (which sounds like such an Enid Blyton place name!) and had a look at some photos. Gorgeous. I'd love to live 2 miles from there.

I can feel one of my semi-regular 'I wish we lived in the middle of no where' phases coming on again.....

Louise said...

Yes, Findhorn is lovely and so is the general locality round here. Huge 'but' for me, it's just not rugged or rural enough. If you stand and look around, turning from the east, to the south, to the west, it could be anywhere in Britain, in a vaguely hilly area. Lincolnshire, for instance! I need the mountains and I'll have them one day.

I will.

No, really, I will!

(I will I will I will...)

Louise said...

Oh, and you're right about Conall. Everyone loves Conall, he is very cute.

Looks aren't too deceptive, in his case.

Just occasionally.