Saturday, January 06, 2007


Olly Smith, the wine expert for Saturday Kitchen, (James, James, James!) has been at it again. Whilst describing a wine this morning, he declared it made him want to "Clench my bottom cheeks in time to the National Anthem." Oh, what a description, the images it summons up, fabulous! I would go out and get some, but he was talking about a Reisling, which I just can't get into, so no bottom cheek clenching for me.


So a little later, sat sitting watching Rachel's Food, David asked Conall,
"Which chef is that?"
"Don't know." Conall replied.
"That's Rachel, who's the other chef?" says David.
"James Bond." replied Conall, knowlegdeably...


Ruth said...

...and I bet I'm not the only one to read that and actually try clenching my bottom cheeks in time to the national anthem! I got as far as the first 'gracious'. Quite good for the pelvic floor, I bet!!

I loved the James Bond comment! So cute!

Louise said...

Now, I must confess, I was too busy laughing to try to clench.

James Bond. I ask you, we haven't even watched any James Bond with the children yet, where do they get it? And more to the point, I obviously haven't trained him very well, how can he not know who James is!!!