Friday, September 01, 2006

A smile

I recieved a text this morning from my dear sister which made me smile. It said:
"How come, one minute you have unscrambled egg in the microwave, the next, PING, you have omelette?"

I'm giggling again, poor Cathy.

And there was me, worrying about having to cycle three miles to Tesco in the rain. Mind you, in my nightmares about it last night, I was being attacked by doberman dogs on my bike and cycled for hours and not getting there!

Ahh, the weekend cometh.



Ruth said...

Say a big hello to Cathy from me! I haven't seen her now for (Iwas 14 and I'm now 38 so that's) 24 years --- no!!!!!!!!! Surely NOT!!!!! Have I done my maths right?????????????????????????

I've just checked my maths with Mario, and I have not got it wrong.

Cathy was lovely!

Louise said...

Funny that, I didn't think she was then, but she is now! Strange how you can grow into people as well as out, if you see what I mean.

I'll say hi.

It's 14 years since we were last together. Perhaps we should plan to do something about that for our 40s? Gives us something to aim for and something to plan. And a little while to do it!