Sunday, September 03, 2006

At it again

I thought, "Oh, another pinch!", then I thought, "No, can't answer some of these and I shouldn't copy again.", then Ruth said please copy this.

So, I have. Here goes.

1. I was born in North Devon
2. I have lived in Grimsby
3. I have lived in Scotland
4. I have 8 O' Levels
5. 1 A' Level (it was deliberate to fail the rest, don't ask)
6. I have my Stage One BHS Exam
7. I have grade 5 clarinet
8. I used to be a Sea Cadet
9. I have worked for two local papers
10. I met Jack Brymer
11. I have seen The King Singers in rehersal
12. I was a Trainee Legal Executive
13. My husband is Scottish
14. I have four children
15. I have a brother and a sister
16. I've never lived in a remarkable building
17. I once represented my 'house' at hurdles (?!) at sports day
18. I was in the tennis and hockey squads but never played. I did run cross country for my school. Once. I wasn't last...
19. I was a flunky in the school pantomime
20. I passed AO General Studies
21. I was Chair of the Ardersier Mother and Toddler group
22. I am a lapsed member of the British Horse Society
23. I am a member of the RSPB
24. My youngest daughter has given flowers to Barbara Dickson
25. I speak English, fluently
26. I prefer fiction to non-fiction
27. I have been to London once, when I was 12
28. I love Radio 2
29. II still have no idea where my maiden name (Flower) comes from
31. My father was an Insurance Inspector and I have never met his brother
32. I am anxiety prone
33. I'm TERRIFIED of spiders
34. I worked in a nursing home for a month
35. I used to go to PTA meetings
36. I have never been a bridesmaid
37. I have never been asked to be a god parent
38. My favourite book is Nick Nairn's New Scottish Cookery
39. I have read lots of books by Barbara Erskine
40. I have read lots of books by James Herriot
41. I have read every Harry Potter
42. I have read (I think) all of the Inspector Morse stories
43. I prefer food shopping to clothes shopping
44. I'd rather spend my money on a nice pair of boots than on shoes
45. I walked past The Glasshouse in Ambleside (Gordon Ramsay's Nightmare Kitchen thingy)
46. I still have the ticket stub from the Peter Gabriel concert I went to in 1988
47. I would love to see Billy Connolly live
48. As a child I would occasionally pinch small sums of money and spend it on sweets (scarey similarity here)
49. My favourite film is... that's too hard, too many to choose from
50. My favourite place to be is the Scotland, perferably the West Coast or the Cairngorms
51. I have had a general anaesthetic, once
52. I have no major scars
53. I have a small scar on my calf, where I was wellied by a pony
54. I am allergic to most animals with fur
55. I love cats, but they are not good for me
56. I am a bit scared of cows
57. I like zoos to be a part of a conservation breeding programme
58. I lurve chocolate
59. I don't like other sweets
60. I do not to mix chocolate with wine
61. I have read lots about depression, but have so far failed to accept help
62. I don't eat properly when my husband is away
63. I enjoy cooking
64. I plan to study for a degree
65. I also plan to run a B & B
66. I love my kenwood chef
67. I shout at my children waaay too much
68. They still say mummy's the best (daddy or chips, daddy or chips, the Mcaines ad...)
69. No-one else would put up with me like my husband does!!!!)
70. I am distinctly lacking in qualifications
71. I am not liscensed for anything
72. I am not a member of any institutes
73. My brother was a member of MENSA, does that count?
74. I have family in Australia but have never visited
75. Today has not been a funny day, but a very strange one
76. I feel loved and wanted by some of the people I know
77. I feel that some of the people I know are indifferent to me
78. I know that some of the people I know don't like me at all
79. I am short tempered, especially when hormonal
80. I can be great fun on a night out
81. I, too, did things in my teens that were plain stoopid and I could have ended up dead in a ditch
82. I once attended court for a traumatic child custody case, as Legal Executive
83. We honeymooned in, wait for it, Malta. Mmmm
84. Flying terrifies me, it makes me cry
85. I have seen a a golden eagle
86. I once found a hair in my risotto whilst having a meal at a posh Italien restaurant
87. I recently lost two and a half stone and have kept most of it off
88. I have no tatoos
89. I dyed my hair once- I went for black. My natural colour is brunett
90. I had my ears pierced when I was 14
91. I refuse to let my daughters have theirs pierced
92. I have a pierced naval
93. I breast-fed all of my children
94. I hate upsetting people
95. Only one friendship has ended in complete disaster, two years ago
96. I believe in love at first sight
97. I have lots of bad hair days
98. I had a teenage crush on Lewis Collins in The Proffessionals
99. I am currently the happiest I've ever been
100. ...most days


Ruth said...

Ooh, I've so many things to say - like I didn't know you'd had your tummy button pierced.

But you know, you didn't have to stick to my questions - either I've done it wrong, or this was just 100 random things about yourself

(Come to think of it, it's almost certainly me who got the wrong end of the stick - I just listed 100 random tings about myself! Oh well, I'm sure the blog police will let me off just this once!)

I'm feeling really saddened and shocked because I've just this minute heard that Steve Irwin has died. I loved his energy, passion and enthusiasm. I am feeling for his wife and two little children.

Louise said...

Steve Irwin was such a larger than life, charismatic person, he's done such amazing things.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose someone in such a random way.

God's been hearing a lot from me in the last few days...

Louise said...

And I copied yours 'cos I didn't have the imagination to come up with my own. There just 100 things to know about me!


Ruth said...

I love your 100 things! (A few of the make me feel 'normal' -e.g. the pinching money for sweeties thing)!

I secretly want to do another 100 things about me ... how self-indulgent is THAT?!

I am really sad about Steve Irwin - feeling for his wife and children. I hadn't watched him on TV for ages - but was taken aback by his passion for wildlife and, well, life, 6 years ago when I first saw him. I LOVED that passion; that joy. He was a 'once seen, never ever forgotten person' , that's for sure.

And here I am, thinking I should clean and tidy up and not able to motivate myself..