Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A few bright ideas

Tent still hasn't arrived, which is a bit boring.

My sister has had a phenomenally good idea, well done Cathy! (Mind you, her and her hubby were at the pub when they thought of it, they may yet realise their mistake and change their minds!) Cathy has suggested that her and Ian take our children camping for a few days, week, or so and of course, I leapt at the chance. The children love their aunt and uncle to bits and will adore spending such quality time with them and I get to spend time with David with no responsibilities or distractions. Bliss! Might end up being cost prohibative though, as they have to come up from Worcester with a certain amount of kit, will they bring two cars? Will they fly then hire a seven seater? Dilemas, dilemas. I personally, prefer a good list. Not good at decisions.

We had Parents' Evening for all four children on Monday afternoon, (don't know why they don't call it Parents' Afternoon...) and they are all doing just grand, which is nice. It was just to check they are settling in ok and as they are all fairly independant and confident, this was never really going to be a problem.

Conall is in a composite class and this year it is unusual because it crosses three years instead of just two. We are lucky, because Conall is the youngest of four, he's completely at home being amongst a large group of children of various ages, it happens at home all the time. He's also quite bright, dragged on by his siblings, so that helps too, but there appears to be trouble on the horizon. Some parents aren't happy and can't put their trust in the teacher or school and just let them get on with the job. I hope they realise any changes they demand causes a lot of disruption which could be even more unsettling or difficult for their child to cope with. Not for my little treasure! He'll just plod on happily. We'll just have to wait and see.

I borrowed a Bissell carpet cleaner from my friend, Becca, this week and David has gone Bissell happy! The carpets are so clean they almost sparkle. I'm so glad we are getting a new suite, this one now looks even more tired and scruffy than it did.

Mind you, the walls now look as if they could do with a lick of paint. Oh no!


Ruth said...

New suite - sounds good!

I could do with borrowing your sister and b.i.l. to take my children on hols, and your hubby to do my carpets! Can you spare them all?!

Louise said...

Mmmm. The new furniture (and tent!) is courtesy of Standard Life demutalising, which was rather handy!

As for hubby, sister and b.i.l., not all at the same time. I'd be lost! Actually, you could borrow the children too, while you're at it, they are good for entertainment value!

Apart from when their minor misdemeanors bring the policeman knocking at your door. I think that will be posted tomorrow, once I've calmed down a bit. Toad!

Ruth said...

..policeman knocking at the door? Minor misdemeanors? I'll be tning in for the next episode. Seriously, though, I hope all's well.