Friday, September 08, 2006

Baby no more

My baby stopped breastfeeding, I didn't cry.

My baby came out of nappies, I didn't cry.

My baby started nursery, I didn't cry.

My baby started school and I didn't cry.

All those other firsts and I didn't cry.

My baby lost his first tooth today and all of a sudden, I'm not ready for him to grow up.

Get a grip!


Ruth said...

My baby stopped breat-feeding, I went and had a glass of wine

My baby came out of nappies, I cried with joy as I was beginning to think he'd NEVER get the hang of it and that I'd be changing his nappy on his wedding day

My baby started nursery and I went home and had a sleep!

It feels as if my baby wll NEVER start school. We've still got another 9 days yet. Yours will have graduated before he even gets there at this rate!!

My baby very nearly lost his first tooth by accident last week as he bashed his face against the bedroom wall whilst acting the goat. I had TOLD him to calm down. So now he's banned from sugar.

Whenever I feel sad at the rate at which they're growing up, I try to make myself think back on those sleepless baby nights. Shudder. not sure I'd want those nights again!

Louise said...

It was the closest I'd come to being sad at 'losing my baby', maybe 'cos he's the youngest, but as a rule, I see each new stage as an achievement, me for having got them that far and them for not being throttled enroute!

Lovely to have your comments back. Anne has been keeping me good company.