Thursday, September 07, 2006

Doing well

I was a little concerned Conall would be bored when he started school. He has been recognising the alphabet, writing his name and rather alot of other words for eighteen months, has known numbers up to twenty, been writing them and doing simple addition sums for quite some time now. I was worried because, once bored, boys are notoriously difficult to motivate.

When he came home from school for the first few days, complaining of being bored, my heart sank, but his teacher, Miss Cameron, is very experienced and I have great faith in her, even though she has a potentially difficult class this year. A composite of primaries one, two and three. I convinced him to be patient and give Miss Cameron time to get to know them all.

Last week, he brought home his first 'homework'. Oxford Reading Tree is the norm up here.
Me: "Come on Conall, let's sit down together and read your homework."
Conall: "I can't read it Mummy, there aren't any words!"

Silly Mummy.

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