Sunday, September 03, 2006


Today is a beautiful day. Clear blue skies, warm, a gentle breeze.

How ironic, when the village I live in is today in shock and mourning for this tragic loss, for this was a tragic accident, that could have happened anywhere, anytime, totally regardless of war or any other percieved threat.

A completely tragic accident.


Ruth said...

Dearest Lousie

Are you refering to the plane accident in Afghanistan?

Louise said...

Unfortunately, yes.

It's been very quiet around here today.

Except for the press, knocking on people's doors, (not mine) pretending to be clergy.

Such nice, caring, compassionate people...


Ruth said...

Noooo. That's awful - knocking on doors pretending to be clergy. That really IS bad and is the sort of thing that should put people off ever buying a newspaper again.

I hope that no-one you know is directly affected by the tragedy. Either way, it is really devastating. One thing I do believe is that those who join the forces do so, for the most part, because they want to help bring security to a country - to allow people to start to or continue to live in freedom and democracy (OK, there may be some who have other motives but....). It is dreadful when they risk their lives and leave their families behind for that, and then never return.

Louise said...

Everyone who takes on this job and life does so knowing the risks, but in this day and age, you just don't expect the reality, it's over eighty years since the first world war, after all.

David knew all the crew, but not as friends. I have friends who have lost best mates, and I knew someone myself, but only on nodding terms. It's such a small community, it will touch everyone.

I've even had to tell the children, there is no way of knowing what to expect at school tomorrow.

Exactly why I no longer work for a newspaper and never buy one. They are despicable creatures.