Monday, September 25, 2006

Sorted and random waffles

Well, sort of!

I have bought a new tent. Yes, just one. I hope it does the job. It is 3000mm hh, so is definately more water proof. It doesn't have a top vent, so should be less noisy. It is a four bedroomed tunnel design, so should be less buffeted by the wind, although I had intended two smaller two bedroomed tents to make us even smaller, rather than the tent that I have ordered, which is positively palatial! The spare bedroom will give us more storage space though, so the 'lounge' will be less cluttered and easier to live and move in.

Roll on next July! I'm soooo excited already, we've decided to go back to Gairloch, possibly for even longer next year, ( if the weather holds up...) and I've started planning what recipes to add to my repertoire, so that we have more choice. Cooking fajitas whilst camping sounds fun to me, I'll give it a go! It'll make a change from rice/pasta/mashed potato based meals.

Grief, I need to get out more. I've ten months to wait, it's worse than being pregnant...

Made myself a cup of tea yesterday morning, in the obligatory bone china mug. Forgot all about it, again, but when I remembered, went back and removed the tea bag, added milk and took it back to my workstation. Only, I forgot it again. My mum would have said I had to break the ice on it to drink it by the time I remembered. It was, how shall I say, a little less hot than usual. Hey ho, the joys of internet grocery shopping.

I'm not so sure it's my memory as such that is suffering. Maybe just my attention span, or that when I'm concentrating, everything else goes out of my mind. Completely.

I am doing this instead of cleaning. Something we all put off for as long as possible. I know, I only had a good clean two weeks ago, but the mil might (yes, 'might', no definates or actuals, 'might') be putting in an appearance and I want to look, not so much as if I've made an effort, but as if my house is in an almost-clean-and-tidy state all the time. Instead of once every few months. Or so. I'd hate her to think I actually care.

Now, where did I put the marigolds...?


Ruth said...


'not so much as if I've made an effort, but as if my house is in an almost-clean-and-tidy state all of the time'

That's the one! That's what we aim for! You've hit the nail on the head! That's why I wish detergent didn't smell so strongly. Visitors can TELL I've been panic cleaning before they arrive becuase they can smell the cif etc!

And 'worse than pregnancy'? Noooo - at least you can eat brie and drink red wine whilst waiting for the camping holiday to arrive!! Aren't you tempted to put it up in the living room and sleep in it, or something?

Louise said...

Quite right! I can squeeze a lot of red wine and brie in before July!

It would be a tight squeeze in the lounge, I'd have to take all the furniture out first, but it will just fit in the garden, just.

And it will.

The children might get to sleep in it, but the neighbours would think I was mad.

Hang on, they already do...