Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh boy

Who would have thought that camping could make life so complicated and distressing?!

What am I doing to have such problems? You might well ask.

Well, all I'm trying to do is buy two new tents. We've decided to down size to two two- bedroomed tents, so we have a 'spare room' for storage and so that we are less buffeted when it's windy. We do appear to be prone to a windy holiday. We also want a higher hydrostatic head (hh). Our current tent is 1500mm hh and we would like to up that to 3000mm hh. That means we'll be more waterproof. Our current tent has withstood the weather thrown at us admirably, but is more suited to occasional weekend use, whereas we want to camp for longer periods of time.

After much internet surfing, I have found what I want. Now, can I buy it? Oh, if only life was that simple! If it's in stock, it's expensive. If I can find it cheaper, it's out of stock and no way of knowing if it will come back into stock.

Then, there's delivery. I always check that first. Generally, there'll be a quote for delivery anywhere mainland UK, but you do have to check the small print. Since when has Scotland been an island? I would have considered it mainland myself. How silly of me...

Fancy having such an outlandish hobby.

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