Thursday, September 28, 2006

Everything was going so well until...

The policeman came to my door.

Something that never happened to my parents and I was supposedly such a horrid teenager. Hmm. Must have done something evil and it's payback time now.

Luckily, the policeman was the husband of a friend who I know quite well. Aedan was late home at the time, (yes, it was my eldest son. Nine years old! Won't be making it to ten at this rate...) and said MP, (yes, military police, not civy) had an imminent appointment, so Aedan had a reprieve. Now, this all arose because the mother of the other boy involved shopped her own son and mine for entering an empty property on the estate. In fact, just across the road from where she lives. She came to give me warning, which was thoughtful, so I was 'prepared' to an extent. She had only been able to give Aedan's first name because she couldn't remember his surname or address. Unfortunately, the copper obviously put two and two together and checked with his wife for the name of my sons. Bum.

When Aedan did return, we gave him ample opportunity to tell us what he'd been up to, but he chose to miss that bit out, so we let on that now was the time to confess, as we knew anyway. Of course, he denies being in the property, he was just in the garden retrieving a ball, but the way he didn't proclaim his innocence and cry uncontrollably tells me he's not being completely honest on this occasion and he accepted punishment without upset, which is highly suspicious. Grounded until further notice and sent to bed at the same time as Conall.

We decided to request that said copper returns today, after school, (unofficially) when Aedan will think he's got away with it, in order to frighten the child into submission, I mean, instill in him the reasons why breaking the law is not a good habit to form, to nip any problem we might have in the bud.

It isn't a terrible crime, the property had been left open and unsecured by the estate management, but that is absolutely no excuse. I don't actually think Aedan is a bad child, he just can't think ahead and fortell the consequences of his actions, which is going to make life fun. I hope my copper friend can give him something to think about.

Oh, the shame of it.

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