Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh dear

I have a dear friend and her sister, whom I have not met yet, coming round for a 'drink' tonight. Knowing Bev, I'll skip the small, sensible glasses, (free from Esso, you know the sort) and go straight for the buckets!

However, I thought I should make a vague effort at the old bane of our lives, cleaning. Ofcourse, I have a little longer to distract myself from it now, (blogging or cleaning, blogging or cleaning...) but I have made a start. I've dusted the lounge, I will do the dining room, I've cleaned the windows in the lounge... WHOA, stop right there, did what? BIG MISTAKE. Ignoring the smears, I can see through the window on the inside to see how dirty the outside is. That window cleaner is well worth his £4.

On to the porch and did the windows and door. WHOA, NO, not again, you did WHAT? Yep, I cleaned them. Through the bits that aren't smeared, I can see how dirty the outside is, what with mucky mit prints and greasy nose prints, (who in their right mind would press their face on a dirty door? Oh yes, I have children...) AND THEN I CLEAN THAT TOO! 'Cos they'll be coming in and going out of that door, so they might notice. Ofcourse, cleaning the windows mean the surrounds look dirty, so I clean them. That then makes the walls look filthy and hey, we're out of control cleaning here, HELP!

The main thing I seem to have forgotten is that we will be drinking. Bev and Sue will be drinking large quantities, I can't 'cos I'm in charge of four children on my own and I have to be sensible. Apparently. So, they won't notice the windows. Or even care.

Oh woe is me.


Anne said...

Oh, it's a slippery slope when you start cleaning... much safer to blog instead...

Louise said...

Anne, you are not wrong!

Wish I'd thought of that before I put the gunk in the oven to clean it.

Told you, it all got horribly out of hand...