Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Five more days until my love returns,
It seems to have been so long.
The children slip quite easily into routine,
Of up dressed, breakfast and off to school,
While I'm left to collect my thoughts and hoover up my life.

Three more days until my love returns,
And normality will reign supreme once more.
Blissful in their ignorance, the children continue on,
Up, dressed, breakfast and fighting over toys,
While I feel nervous, excited at his impending return to our family home.

He's home! In a blink, the children,
Forget their seperation from their devoted dad;
But I'm deeply buried in my isolation,
I forget my longing, feel my space invaded;
But then, at last, feel his strong arms surround me and melt.


Ruth said...

I didn't like to raise this out of the blue, but you've given me the opportunity now with this poem: it must be really hard having a husband who goes away for long periods at a time and then returns. It must be hard because he's not there at the oh so difficult bath and bedtime, just when you desperately need that helping hand. And also because after a while, I would get used to being on my own and... well... your poem says it all. It must be a bit easier tnow that the children are older, but when you had so many babies crying and demanding your attention, and there was only you... how did you do it??

Louise said...

I think you deal with what you know, if you get my drift. It is changing as they get older, but that doesn't necessarily mean easier!

Whilst I miss David soooo much when he's away, after a while my routine makes me sufficient and it can be hard to relinquish control when he gets back, however much I prefer the shared responsibility and someone else to rely on. I resent relying on him at times, because I know that he's not always there when I need him to be.

Having said all that and despite appearances, I don't like to moan about my lot. After all, I knew he was in the armed forces when we met and that it wasn't going to change and still signed on the dotted line!

Must be mad.