Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well, I've gone from having no dreams, or the occasional nightmare, to having dreams most nights!

The first had my grandparents in it. I spoke to them both, but only Grandma spoke back to me. I made a point of telling them I loved them and she told me they loved me too. The strange thing about that is, out of all my family, I did tell them I loved them, but rarely if ever tell any of the others, despite the fact that I do love them.

The second revolved around Boath House, a rather exclusive hotel and restaurant on the A96 between here and Nairn. It was featured on a programme I caught part of on television, involving a woman cycling around Scotland and stopping off to sample local cuisine. In my dream, a friend, who may have been a man, told me the chef of Boath House had given permission for him to take as much watercress as he wanted that grew in the grounds and I was delighted by this. I didn't realise I had such a passion for it!

The third, we were on holiday. Camping somewhere coastal that I felt I knew intimately from my childhood, but it didn't look much like Suffolk to me! It was a bit hilly too. We set off on our bikes, to meet Mum and Dad I think, in a nearby town. En route, I realised I wasn't with my husband, but my brother Richard instead and he was being aggressive almost, pushing continuously to get there. We came across a chap with three children, also on bikes and they seemed to be getting on just fine, whilst I was finding it a real struggle.

When we got to the town, Richard missheard me and took me into the local football club where they were holding some kind of meeting and vote. Making my way into a large room, I walked straight through a huge puddle, soaking my new trainers, (they are cream, from Next and I am a shade paranoid about getting them dirty, so I understand that bit!). There were people who I knew in my dream, but not in real life, but I didn't think we had time to wait for the results and we left, going out of the building the wrong way. Outside, it was bucketing down and by this time it was 8 o'clock and we hadn't cooked dinner, I knew Dad would be going spare.

Sometimes I can see the connections I am making with my day-to-day life, the hotel I'd seen on television, the fact I'm planning our next camping trip, my new trainers. It was probably raining heavily at the time I was dreaming, it was certainly very wet out there when I woke this morning! What I'm curious about is where the other bits come from, my Grandparents and my brother, the bikes and the hills in Suffolk! I'm never sure if there is some hidden meaning or message, or maybemy mind is just as twisted when I'm asleep.

That, I suspect, is quite likely.

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