Thursday, May 18, 2006


The WeatherPixie

But I haven't figured out how to insert this in a useful place...


Ruth said...

This is a "must have" item. I'll be putting one onto my blog (although why when I can keep looking at yours...?!!) I'm going to wait before I put it onto my blog. I've not finished with Hammertime yet.

Louise said...

Mmm. Noticed you are deep in dicussion there.
I've come to realise I'm a deeply worried but very shallow thinking person. I've always assumed everything was my fault, so I don't look further for explanation help! Most of the arguments with my parents as a teenager started "It's not my fault..."!
I think I'm actually too scared to question things, I fear the answers would lead to more questions and it would all spiral horribly out of control.
There would be a never ending list of questions.