Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm in the mood

I'm in the mood,
To make cookies with the children;
To have flour on my face,
And sugar on the table;
The smell of ginger wafting through,
To tantalize and tease me.

I'm in the mood,
To shout and scream at everyone;
To curse and stamp my feet,
And slam at least one door;
Don't bother smiling sweetly at me,
If you like your teeth.

I'm in the mood,
To luxuriate in a hot bath;
To savour a chilled Chenin Blanc,
Make sure to fasten the lock;
A few moments of deepest pleasure,
To really feel like me.

I'm in the mood,
To take a long rambling stroll;
To feel wind tugging my coat,
To see wilderness everywhere around me;
The fresh breeze to revive me,
Returns my love for life.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

I love this - it's so gritty - it also caused me much laughter - I hope you don't mind that, as I'm not sure it was necessarily meant to be a funny poem - but verse 2 has me in stitches (I've an unusual sense of humour, don't worry about it!!) I must thank you for making me laugh - I LOVE LOVE LOVE to laugh.

But your poem really sums up motherhood - time when you want to be everything to the children, time when you want to be alone (and you can't choose when to take this time).