Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Early Menopause

Now, here's something I bet you haven't given much thought to, 'the Change', that time of your life, the menopause. Well, some of us have to, it would appear, before you might expect. It can be hereditary, apparently, to have an early menopause and I think that at 37, (ok, ok, very nearly 38!) that I am. I probably have been for around two and half years. Am I mourning the loss of my womanhood? Er, no. Can't say it worries my like that. In fact, I'm not worried at all and perhaps I should be.

I'm confident osteoperosis is not going to be a problem, I've always had somewhat of a passion for cheese of all varieties and have a mug of hot milk every night before bed. The loss of fertility? I have four children. Why would I want anymore? I'm getting older, yes, but I'm not losing my marbles yet!

One thing I certainly won't miss is...

The headaches! Oh, they are not fun, so I don't look forward to ovulation each month and I can now pinpoint it exactly. Funny really, would have been quite a useful skill a few years ago. Hopefully shouldn't have to suffer for too much longer, another year or three. Deep joy.

To those of you who haven't reach it yet, have fun and good luck!


Ruth said...

The thing that worries me slightly about the menopause are these (can you see how my number of concerns increased even as I was typing that sentence!!!):

1) increase likelihood of heart attack/heart disease in women post-menopause (and with my diet that is a real concern)
2) hormones changing and how that might affect my moods (but I s'pose that could work both ways. I may become less anxious, irritable etc.... you never know!)

That's it really. The possibility that I might not get the chance to grow old concerns me more than actually growing old.

Louise said...

Even your comments are thought provoking!
My own mortality has never occured to me yet, I haven't been forced to face it, so I suspect it's going to come as a surprise to me. I'm not sure how to confront it, because of it's inevitability. I can worry for Britain, but over the ridiculous and obscure, rather than the obvious. I think.