Saturday, May 13, 2006

I had a dream

No, I have not dragged my white, kick flare, spandex bodysuit out of the bottom of my wardrobe, nor am I about to burst into a rendition of any Abba hit. I did actually have a slightly bizarre dream last night. Does anyone out there do interpretation?

I was at school, only it was a school I'd never been to before. Tawny Owl from Ciara's Brownie Pack, who I know vaguely from her school aswell, was trying on a new knitted jumper in the school hall, braless, in front of a very old man who didn't seem upset by this but I was mortified. Someone else then commented on my new sweatshirt needing to have tomato soup spilt down it and I realised I was wearing a slightly over-sized Guide sweatshirt. I wandered off with my homework book in hand to find my friend Ruth (whom I haven't been at school with since we were about 11..) and found myself in another large school hall.

I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open, but through slits I could see Ruth lieing on the floor, copying from a large blackboard high on the wall. She was wearing a very fetching pair of bootleg joggers, black, with a wide white stripe down the outside of the leg and a slim fit dark sweatshirt. I don't know why, but in my dream that was extremely significant to me. I recognised her by her striking blond her and broad grin, serene and calm. She wasn't struggling with her homework, as I knew I had done, in fact, her homework book was entirely different, filled with cartoons and illustrations with comments, ticks and stars all over it.

Then my daughter went to the toilet and woke me up.

I regularly dream, but haven't of late. I think I've been so exhausted, mentally, I'm falling into a deep but short sleep and either I'm not dreaming or I'm not remembering it. Ooo, apart from the odd nightmare, with knives dripping blood and that almost tangible fear as I've woken myself deliberately.

So, anyway, as I was saying, does anyone out there have any idea what is going on in my tiny little brain? 'Cos I don't.


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Ruth said...

Was that me? In your dream? (No wonder I felt tired the following morning if I'd been up to Scotland and back - ha ha)

I have by my side my "Dictionary of Dream Symbols". Now then let's see:

school - nothing for that

blackboard: nothing for that either I'm afraid

Breasts (Tawny Owl's bra-less-ness) - it says see bosoms (?). Ok... flick back a page and ... yes... here we are ...may be those of mother earth; dream could be beckoning you to look inside for sources of renewal and growth.

clothes seem to feature a lot in the dream so let's look them up.... here we are.... the feelings associated in the dream with the clothes you are wearing may indicate what your feelings are towards yourself, esp in relation to the image you present to the world. Changing your clothes might indicate a change of lifestyle or of attitude

Friend - now, this is interesting: if in your dream you have a friend or companion of the same sex as you, they may symbolize your alter ego or shadow, which consists of those aspects of your personality that you have so far neglected or repressed. This means, those stars and ticks were for you, not me. Part of you wants to do that degree that you know you'd be so excellent at, I think.