Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Year in Nature

Through the night, the visitors arrive,
Honking their return, a haunting sound,
But it heralds a fresh start.

It's still dark, but the chorus has begun,
Each bird singing louder than the last, to be heard,
To make the best impression.

On a frozen, but clear blue day,
They perch atop the spikey gorse bush,
Still singing fit to burst.

As the days grow warmer, the deed is done,
Alls quiet as they get on with the job in hand.
They've hungry mouths to feed.

As the sky lark trills it's spiral in the sky,
Swifts scream and swoop around them,
Swallows twittering as they hunt.

The young birds learn swiftly and soon fill the air,
With their clammer, "Feed me!"
They fledge and flee the nest.

Alls quiet once more, they return to warmer climes,
But the geese are back, their honking calls,
Change the atmosphere once more.


Ruth said...

Shall you and I do a "wife swap"? I want to hear all these birds sounding off in my back garden. All we have are squarking crows (that sound a bit like baby's crying in the Autumn / Winter - very confusing when you have a newborn in the house).

I really love your poetry.

Louise said...

Thank you, you are very kind. It's actually you that has inspired me to get back to it with your writing. Don't stop!
Ofcourse, it's in my blood, my great-grandfather was published don't you know...