Saturday, May 13, 2006

A ha!

Yet another triumph in the Evans family household!

May seem insignificant to some, but how many other 30 something mothers can boast to having just taken apart, repaired and put back together, successfully, a micro-scooter at 11.30am on a Saturday morning? When I should have been doing the washing up (because I can't fix the diswasher) and doing the housework.

In his usual style, within a few days of having received the aforementioned scooter for his 9th birthday, last Saturday, a small, brass button appeared on the floor of the front porch. It took me a further two days to work out where it had come from, (can't throw it away, it may be crucial to the working of something) then to decide whether to put it in a 'safe', never to be seen again, place or get out the tool kit, again, fix it myself and then bask in the glory of another success. Not a broken nail in sight!

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Ruth said...

I have come to the same conclusion that I reached 38+ years ago (when we first met): you are very clever.

p.s. do you remember the street party for the Queens Silver Jubilee?