Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm sooo excited!

I have a new toy. A little man in a van brought it at lunch time and I had to get it out to play straight away!

It's our new Campingaz Deluxe Thermo-Cooler and I'm in love! It'll keep the beer and wine cool a treat for a b-b-q in the back garden. No, silly me, it's for our camping trips ofcourse. There are only so many everyday items a girl can live without in a tent. We splash out on an electric hook-up, yes, in a tent, for my necessities. A wine cooler, sorry, I mean mini-fridge for the Flora etc., a mini-stereo (low volume only, I promise) and a hairdryer. I have to! This year, I can take my RSPB Bird Song CD with me too, so I can identify what I hear as well as see. I might even invest in an electric bug killer. We are going to the West Coast of Scotland at the height of the midgie season and trust me, they are murder!

So, my mini-fridge is humming quietly in the kitchen as we blog. It pays to ensure everything is in working order, I would be a very unhappy bunny to arrive at the campsite to discover it was defective. Now, I wonder what I can put in it to see how effective it is. Conall is too big. Aha, I always have wine ready cooled on hand. That'll do nicely, thank you.

I'm just soooo excited!

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Ruth said...

We have GOT to do this. We have GOT to go camping. Ever considered a career in advertising....?