Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Few Photies

We went for a walk on the marshes where I walk every morning. In the first photograph, they are on part of 'The Three Bears House', it's actually somekind of defence bunker, flooded, stinking and home to much dubious teenage activity, I'd guess, but the little treasures are drawn to it. As you can see, the boys have their binoculars and are 'keen' birdwatchers. In these pictures we are not far from where we found the 'plucking post', which I think may belong to a buzzard, after much indepth discussion with my very knowledgable mother. In the next piccy, you can also see three of the four wind turbines at the Findhorn Foundation. The folk there are a very spiritual bunch. The piccy of the little treasures, devouring an ice-lolly on the beach defences, is taken about 2 miles further down the road, on the Moray Firth. It is a fantastic beach, whatever season you may visit it. As long as you are prepared for all eventualities...
The piccy looking down steps was taken a couple of years ago when we all went for a walk with my parents at Glenmore, which is in the Cairngorms. The water at the bottom of the steps is the Green Loch, (don't ask for the gaelic, please) which is the most beautiful colour and yet incredibly clear. You can usually get to the bottom of the steps and walk along a sandy beach. Obviously not, this time!
Note how I pick piccies without me in them...
For no other reason than because I can and, incase you have forgotten, it's my birthday tomorrow, here is a piccy of my sister's new pet, Boris, the baby guinea pig. Cute!

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