Wednesday, May 24, 2006


How does the weather know?
If I have no gloves, it will start to snow,
What do the clouds have to gain?
If I have no coat, it will start to rain.

Why does the sun become so hot?
Because my hat I have not got,
Could the wind choose not to blow?
I can't stay in by the fire glow.

Yup, it chose to rain, at 8.40am on our way to school. Again, at 11.20am, on my way to collect Conall from nursery. Yet again, at 2.45pm, on our way home from collecting Ciara and friend from school. When I say rain, I mean cats and dogs.
How does the weather know?


Ruth said...

But you live in Scotland. It does nothing but rain in Scotland. I've seen it on the weather forecast. All you get is rain, rain, rain. Now I don't mind the rain and we don't get enough of it down here, but boy does it appear to rain in Scotland according to the BBC weather forecast. I mean I know they've tried to make it better for you by reducing the size of Scotland till it's practically invisible to the naked eye on their new high-tec weather maps, but for those of us with a magnifying glass, we can still see that up there in Scotland, it's blinkin' cold and raining. All the time.

I LOVE your saying that "there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing".

Did you write that poem? If so, surely the first line of verse 2 is inappropriate to you up there in rainy Scotland.

But really did you write it? It's very good. Got any more?

Signed: Your Southern Softie Friend.

Louise said...

It doesn't always rain. I get sunburnt in February most years, we do have an unusually unpolluted atmosphere. It is still fairly chilly at that time of year though... We had two weeks of glorious, warm sunshine at the beginning of this month, it just didn't hang around for long.
Yes, I did write that, the second verse is appropriate, just not very often, which is why I get caught hatless! I do have more, in a box in a cupboard that, at the present time, is inaccessible due to my husband's desk. Another reason to despise his OU! (It's maths, which is the other reason.) Most of the other poems were written during my late teens and whilst some are quite bright and hopeful, the others are, well, not! I will post them (some) on my blog when I rescue them.

Ruth said...

OK - so here's my theory. There's a Scot in the Met Office who wants to keep all us southerners out of Scotland. "Tell 'em it'll be renning in Scortland again. Goo on, keep them haway"

Sorry about my Scottish accent.

Louise said...

Almost as good as mine.
You do make me smile! X